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Corporate password manager that automatically changes passwords for services.


  • Ruby 2.2.2p95
  • bundle gem


$ bundle install


The app has two interfaces

$ script/server
Admin interface

Open on your browser

User interface

Open on your browser



$ bundle exec rspec

How to contribute

Adding plugins

The plugins are stored in the lib/plugins directory. Every plugin should have a class method change_password that is used to change the password of the related credential.

After adding the plugin you need to create a Credential record in order to store the username and the password that is going to be used to login and ultimately change the password.

Important: This credential should have a name that matches with the class name of the plugin.


If you're adding a Twitter plugin, if the plugin class is Plugins::Twitter then the name of the `Credential should be "twitter", that way we're able to infer what class is responsible of handling the password change from the credential name.