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% Copyright © 2012 Peeter Joot. All Rights Reserved.
% Licenced as described in the file LICENSE under the root directory of this GIT repository.
Here is an outline of how to get access to the sources for this document
\item Set up a github userid and ssh key for yourself. Instructions for that here can be found on \href{}{github}.
Even if you do not want to use this for my source repository, if you are not using version control software for your own document text files I \textit{highly} recommend you do so.
\item Install a git client on your machine. I use either linux or a \href{}{Windows cygwin environment} (free implementation of gnu Unix command line utilities. Any other Unix would work provided you have both gnu-make, perl and a recent latex distribution. I use MikTex on Windows, and texlive on Linux.
\item Get your self a copy of the source repository that contains the sources. Here is an example of how to do so
If there are mathematica notebooks associated with this document, they can be found with the sources. You can execute any of those with the \href{}{free Wolfram CDF} player once you install it.
\item Build yourself a copy of the pdf. For example, after cloning the repository as above
The first time you do this with MikTex, you will probably take a hit to install a number of packages. If running on a non-Linux Unix platform, use gnu-make explicitly. The document structure can be explored starting from main.tex.
\item After running the git clone command, an invokation of:
from anywhere in the git created phyLatex directory, will get you a more recent version of the source if there have been updates.
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