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NetBiff supports pluggable front-ends (decided upon at runtime from the
possible list). Right now the selection code is pretty lousy. It currently
uses the GTK interface if it has been compiled in and if the DISPLAY variable
is set. If not, it uses the text interface. This should probably be
extended to support N interfaces using command line arguments or a
configuration file.
Currently an interface needs to support an event loop which provides timers
and file descriptor events (this is simple to do from scratch, but most GUI
event loops support it). It also needs to provide the following callable C
functions (any interface using non-C language bindings will probably need
to provide a simple C wrapper):
void flagup(const Connection *) -- this is called when the "image" action is
specified and a folder is biffed
void flagdown(const Connection *) -- like flagup, but not
void init(int *, char **) -- this function is guaranteed to be called before
any other. It should prepare any data structures, etc, for use in the
other functions. The arguments are a pointer to argc and argv.
int display_message(char *, va_list) -- displays a message to the user. The
fmt and va_list follow the conventions of the printf() family.
Returns 0 on success, -1 on error.
void event_loop() -- enter the event loop for the interface
void beep() -- cause a beep on the user's terminal (triggered by the "beep"
void add_fd(const Connection *, int) -- add the connection to the event loop
using a specified type (either GUI_FD_READ or GUI_FD_WRITE). On the
specified event, either proto_do_conn_input() or
proto_do_conn_output() should be called (as appropriate by the type)
with the specified connection as an argument.
void delete_fd(const Connection *, int) -- remove a connection from the event
loop for the specified type (in other words, no longer respond on
that event).
char *request_data(const char *, int) -- request a piece of data from the
user; the function should return a NUL-terminated string allocated
from the heap containing the user's response. The second argument
indicates whether or not the item should be "hidden" on the screen
(i.e., it is a password).
void register_connections() -- this function is called once before the main
loop starts; at this point all connections have been added and the
interface may do any setup related to them
void schedule_retry(time_t) -- a connection has indicated that it would like
proto_do_retries() to be called at that time.
These should all be packaged as function pointers into a GUI object and some
method of selection should be provided in gui_init().
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