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- Treat non-existant configuration directories as empty.
- For GTK interface, manually set WM_CLASS to Netbiff; this avoids the case
where GTK fails to guess the right name (e.g., when we have already parsed
some of the arguments).
- netbiffd-imap now uses the UNSEEN flag instead of the RECENT flag.
The user-visible behavior change should be minor, and the UNSEEN flag
is better supported in many implementations.
- fix bug with command line arguments and gtk frontend
- improve errors messages when reading configuration
- let gtk block in gtk_request_data() (avoid 100% CPU utilization when
requesting password). Thanks, Xavi Serrano.
- allow correct building when gtk is not present (ignore pkg-config errors)
- ditched autoconf; use conf-* to configure
- simplified directory layout
- requires SSL to build (this should be standard nowadays)
- always build text interface
- build GTK interface always if pkg-config gtk+-2.0 works
netbiffd-imap now sends OK response when asking for password. This will avoid
a spurious "connection has not been established" message.
Lots of changes:
- dropped gtk-old interface
- retry support has changed; connections will be retried forever, but
with exponential backoff
- gtk interfaces handles resets better; the "main" image will be reset
only if all connections are unbiffed
- connections are unbiffed when they must be re-established (this stops the
"network went down and it won't unbiff" problem)
- modules requesting data can now be fed directly from the on-disk
configuration rather than asking the user
Most importantly, configuration has completely changed. It is now
directory-based, rather than file-based. See the file doc/config.txt for more
Fixed a nasty race condition bug in the text interface.
Moved GTK support to GTK 2.0.
The GTK interface has been changed to be a little more useful. The old one is
available by doing "netbiff --gui=gtk-old". Interfaces can now have their
own command line options, separated from the other options by --. The GTK
interface supports -geometry. So, for example, "netbiff --gui=gtk --
-geometry +300+200" will position the window at (300,200).
I've implemented folder reset commands (these are triggered when a folder
de-biffs, and all folders are now in the unbiffed state, indicating that
there is no new mail waiting). The syntax for attaching an action to a
connection is now changed; update actions are specified with the "update"
keyword, and resets use the "reset" keyword. There is also a new default
action for resets, "image-reset". Formerly, the image-reset was done by
default (but now must be specified explicitly).
I've added autoconf support. This may break some platforms, but it seems to
work ok for me so far. There are options to set which frontends should be
included (--enable-text and --enable-gtk options to configure); both are
enabled by default.
Theoretically this should just require testing on other platforms. Any
failures to build should be easily added to autoconf. If it doesn't build for
you, please send send me the following information:
Platform (OS and CPU)
Output of ./configure
Any compiler warnings or errors