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netbiffd-imap is the netbiff backend that connects to IMAP4 servers. It can
run in both regular login mode and in preauthenticated mode (preauthenticated
mode is for when you have a user level account on the imap server).
It can be started as:
netbiffd-imap preauth /etc/rimapd
This indicates a preauthenticated session in which /etc/rimapd (the
traditional location for such sessions) is executed.
netbiffd-imap login hostname username [password]
This indicates that a login should be performed with the given
username and password. If the password is omitted, it will be requested with
item tag "secret/password". The hostname should be of the form:
- host is the remote hostname
- port specifies the remote port; this defaults to 143 for non-ssl
connections, and 993 for ssl connections
- ssl indicates that ssl should be used to connect; note that the STARTTLS
directive is not currently supported.
Examples: # default settings, port 143, no ssl # custom port, no ssl # ssl, default port becomes 993 # ssl with a custom port
Once authentication has been established (either through login or preauth),
the process waits for folder specifications or poll requests. When a poll
request is given, the IMAP4 STATUS command is used to determine the number of
messages in each folder marked with the \Unseen flag.
The logic is such:
if the number of recent messages has increased
send update
else if the number of recent messages has decreased
send reset
do nothing