A free java ldap client with LDIF support, security (inc SSL, SASL & GSSAPI), translated into many languages (inc. Chinese), online help, user forms and many other features.
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Commercial Version Update June 25 '18


Pricing and Security Tweak for https://jxworkbench.com - site is now https enabled, and individual licences are now $9.95.

JXWorkbench is a commercial bundle of JXplorer; the base code remains open source, but it also includes:

  • An LDAP reporting engine
  • Import/Export of CSV files (including MS Excel format CSV)
  • RegExp Find and Replace for indexed and unindexed directories
  • Find and Replace with attribute substitution
  • Perpetual licence
  • Enterprise licencing and support options

... However JXPlorer is still available and open source, and is an excellent general purpose LDAP browser!

JXplorer Version Release Notes


General Help and Info at the JXplorer Project Page.

Commercial version (reporting, csv import, excel export etc.) at JXworkbench.com.

Download Links:

Extended Commercial version ($10)

pre-packaged downloads with reporting extensions, csv file support, wildcard find and replace etc.

JXWorkbench downloads

Standard Open Source version

pre-packaged download packages

JXPlorer downloads

(also available on a trial basis on github, under the release tab)

  • setting up on github, with current version of code. (migrating from svn and local project artifacts)
  • reintroduced {CRYPT} userpassword formats for legacy directory support - note that CRYPT is not secure, and should not be used if at all possible
  • changed handling of tree operation confirmation pop-up to reduce chance of accidental deletions
  • moved to java 1.6 for standard build (should still compile under 1.5).
  • some messing around with build file to make it more reliable and git friendly
  • formatting this file to be .md friendly :-)

  • Defaults to TLS for security; SSL must be manually enabled in config file
  • Updated userPassword editor to allow for SHA-256, SHA-512, SSHA-256 and SSHA-512 hashing algorithms
  • Updated help with information on new 'advanced userPassword editor' (rc3)

  • modified SHA- and SSHA- algorithms to not have '-' characters in the algorithm name in the LDAP value: e.g. "{SSHA51}s234xqw..." instead of "{SSHA-512}s234xqw..."


  • Added support for 'read only' connections
  • Added a config value 'lock.read.only' which forces all connections to be read only
  • cosmetic tweaks to logging for rc1


  • Added support for LDIF change files
  • Added 'preview' for LDIF files to assess changes before importing them into the live directory.


  • Added 'sorting' to JXWorkBench, allowing for complex queries which sort by attributes other than the DN
  • Reports now automatically exported using the report name as the base


  • Changed display of operational attributes; now included in main table display.
  • extended CBSaveLoadTemplate to allow saving UI elements by name, rather than position.
  • added $JXOPTS to batch scripts to allow config settings to be passed to batch (e.g. to set config location with -Djxplorer.config)
  • work on batch scripts - using java 1.6 classpaths with wildcards
  • more work on packaging
  • fix for passwords cached within session not correctly filling out connection window in some instances
  • support for commercial JXWorkBench plugin (http://jxworkbench.com) - integration with Jasper reporting engine for LDAP reports.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed schema problem with binary syntaxes, mis-identifying some syntaxes (e.g. telephonic ones) as binary rather than string
  • Correctly saved 'return_attributes.txt' in variable config files location (along with usual files such as jxconfig.txt)


Stable Release

  • packaged JNDI LDAP test provider (junit directory mock) as part of release
  • made 'official' stable release on JXplorer.org downloads page


  • JXWorkBench Add on - Support for commercial jxworkbench.com plugin 'applet' as optional add on
    • password vault
    • csv import/export
    • non-indexed & regexp client-side find and replace
  • fix for default config files; move to application config directory on Win 7, or if -Djxplorer.config='user.home' used.
  • set -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 for consistent x-platform behaviour
  • set window title to template name
  • included Mock LDAP JNDI provider for JUnit tests (see jxplorer.org/downloads/jndimock.html)
  • updated Chinese language (both traditional and simplified)


  • fixes for windows 7 installation
  • ability to save config in 'natural' platform locations on Win7, OSX if security prevents access to install location, or if -Djxplorer.config=home is used.
  • save size and divider state of multiple windows on save
  • JXPlorer Help files now also on http://jxplorer.org website


  • hungarian language file


  • add JXworkbench 3rd party plug in to build
  • EXPERIMENTAL support for internal node renaming (== move). Not applicable for opendirectory, which will fall back to copy/delete


  • fix to language file bug
  • allow language to be set in config.


New Features:

  • Multiple Windows
  • Copy-and-Paste between Windows
  • Paged Results
  • Window name set to data source (directory or ldif file) used.
  • Editing LDIF files with schema. (2 Step process; first, connect to a directory with the schema you wish to use. Then either disconnect or open a new window, and edit your ldif file)

Bug Fixes:

  • numerous problems with naming and multi-valued naming, particularly in LDIF files
  • 'copy DN' enabled for LDIF files
  • improved tree selection after copy/paste/delete tree events



Many thanks to our translators who've worked so hard making JXplorer multilingual:

Chinese: For both Traditional and Simplified Chinese; Evereasy (Evereasy at gmail.com) -awesome work.

French: Luc and Serge, and more recently Bruno Haleblian (bruno_haleblian at carrefour.com) for updates.

Hungarian: Richard - many thanks.

And thanks also to many others who wished to remain anonymous, or whom we've lost track of, including those who did the original French and German translations!