Lean mean (Neo)Vim machine, carefully crafted with ❤️ Use with Neovim v0.1.5+ or Vim v7.4+
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Rafael Bodill's Neo/vim Config

Lean mean Neo/vim machine, 30-45ms startup time.

Best with Neovim or Vim 8 with +python3 extensions enabled.

(一个强大的 neovim 配置,支持 js/python/php/golang 等)


  • Fast startup time
  • Robust, yet light-weight
  • Lazy-load 95% of plugins with Shougo/dein.vim
  • Custom side-menu (try it out! Leader+l)
  • Modular configuration
  • Denite (Unite's successor) centric work-flow
  • Extensive Deoplete and Neocomplete setup
  • Lightweight simple status/tabline
  • Easy customizable theme
  • Premium color-schemes
  • Central location for tags


Vim screenshot Neovim python


  • Python 3 (brew install python)
  • Python 2 (brew install python@2)
  • Neovim (Optional, brew install neovim)
  • virtualenv for both python3 and python2:
    pip2 install virtualenv
    pip3 install virtualenv


1. Let's clone this repo! Clone to ~/.config/nvim, we'll also symlink it for Vim:

mkdir ~/.config
git clone git://github.com/rafi/vim-config.git ~/.config/nvim
ln -s ~/.config/nvim ~/.vim
  • Note: If your system sets $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, use that instead of ~/.config in the code above. Nvim follows the XDG base-directories convention.

2. Almost done! You'll need a YAML interpreter, if you have Ruby installed - you can skip this step. Otherwise, either install yaml2json, or use Python:

pip3 install --user --upgrade PyYAML

3. If you are a first-time Neovim user, you need the python-neovim packages. Don't worry, run the script provided:

cd ~/.config/nvim

4. Run make test to test your nvim/vim version and compatibility.

5. Run make to install all plugins.


Recommended Linters

  • Node.js based linters:
npm -g install jshint jsxhint jsonlint stylelint sass-lint
npm -g install raml-cop markdownlint-cli write-good
  • Python based linters:
pip install --user pycodestyle pyflakes flake8 vim-vint proselint yamllint

Recommended Tools


Run make update

User Custom Config

If you want to add your own configuration, create the config/local.vim file and add your personal settings there. This file is ignored by .gitignore.


Plugin Highlights

  • Package management with caching enabled and lazy loading
  • Project-aware tabs and label
  • NERDTree as file-manager + Git status icons
  • Go completion via vim-go and gocode
  • Javascript completion via Tern
  • Python Jedi completion, PEP8 convention
  • Languages: PHP, Ansible, css3, csv, json, less, markdown, mustache
  • Helpers: Undo tree, bookmarks, git, tmux navigation, hex editor, sessions, and much more.

Note that 95% of the plugins are lazy-loaded.

Non Lazy-Loaded Plugins

Name Description
Shougo/dein.vim Dark powered Vim/Neovim plugin manager
rafi/awesome-colorschemes Awesome color-schemes
rafi/vim-badge Bite-size badges for the tab & status lines
itchyny/vim-gitbranch Lightweight git branch detection
itchyny/vim-parenmatch Efficient alternative to the standard matchparen plugin
thinca/vim-localrc Enable configuration file of each directory
christoomey/tmux-navigator Seamless navigation between tmux panes and vim splits
junegunn/vim-peekaboo See the contents of registers
tpope/vim-sleuth Heuristically set buffer indent options
itchyny/cursorword Underlines word under cursor

Lazy-Loaded Plugins


Name Description
othree/html5.vim HTML5 omnicomplete and syntax
mustache/vim-mustache-handlebars Mustache and handlebars syntax
pearofducks/ansible-vim Improved YAML support for Ansible
groenewege/vim-less Syntax for LESS
hail2u/vim-css3-syntax CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in syntax/css.vim
othree/csscomplete.vim Updated built-in CSS complete with latest standards
cakebaker/scss-syntax.vim Syntax file for scss (Sassy CSS)
ap/vim-css-color Preview colors in source-code while editing
plasticboy/vim-markdown Markdown syntax highlighting
rhysd/vim-gfm-syntax GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax highlight extension
pangloss/vim-javascript Enhanced Javascript syntax
othree/jspc.vim JavaScript Parameter Complete
MaxMEllon/vim-jsx-pretty React JSX syntax pretty highlighting
heavenshell/vim-jsdoc Generate JSDoc to your JavaScript code
moll/vim-node Superb development with Node.js
elzr/vim-json Better JSON support
fatih/vim-go Go development
tbastos/vim-lua Improved Lua 5.3 syntax and indentation support
vim-python/python-syntax Enhanced version of the original Python syntax
Vimjas/vim-python-pep8-indent A nicer Python indentation style
python_match.vim Extend the % motion for Python files
tmhedberg/SimpylFold No-BS Python code folding
raimon49/requirements.txt.vim Python requirements file format
StanAngeloff/php.vim Up-to-date PHP syntax file (5.3 – 7.1 support)
shawncplus/phpcomplete.vim PHP completion
osyo-manga/vim-monster Ruby code completion
toyamarinyon/vim-swift Swift support
vim-jp/syntax-vim-ex Improved Vim syntax highlighting
chrisbra/csv.vim Handling column separated data
tmux-plugins/vim-tmux vim plugin for tmux.conf
cespare/vim-toml Syntax for TOML
mboughaba/i3config.vim i3 window manager config syntax
dag/vim-fish Fish shell edit support
ekalinin/Dockerfile.vim syntax and snippets for Dockerfile
jstrater/mpvim Macports portfile configuration files
tpope/vim-git Git runtime files
robbles/logstash.vim Highlights logstash configuration files
andreshazard/vim-logreview Bueatify log viewing
exu/pgsql.vim PostgreSQL syntax
othree/nginx-contrib-vim Fork official vim nginx
IN3D/vim-raml Syntax and language settings for RAML


Name Description
scrooloose/nerdtree Tree explorer plugin
Xuyuanp/nerdtree-git-plugin NERDTree plugin for showing git status
chemzqm/vim-easygit Git wrapper focus on simplity and usability
tpope/vim-commentary Code commenting helper
t9md/vim-choosewin Choose window to use, like tmux's 'display-pane'
Shougo/vinarise.vim Hex editor
kana/vim-niceblock Make blockwise Visual mode more useful
guns/xterm-color-table.vim Display 256 xterm colors with their RGB equivalents
mbbill/undotree Ultimate undo history visualizer
metakirby5/codi.vim The interactive scratchpad for hackers
Shougo/vimproc.vim Interactive command execution
reedes/vim-wordy Uncover usage problems in your writing
brooth/far.vim Fast find and replace plugin(批量在多个文件中替换字符、支持预览)
jreybert/vimagit Ease your git work-flow within Vim
tweekmonster/helpful.vim Display vim version numbers in docs
lambdalisue/gina.vim Asynchronously control git repositories
mzlogin/vim-markdown-toc Generate table of contents for Markdown files
easymotion/vim-easymotion Vim motions on speed
majutsushi/tagbar Displays tags in a window, ordered by scope
beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus Look up words in an online thesaurus


Name Description
haya14busa/vim-asterisk Improved * motions
rhysd/accelerated-jk Up/down movement acceleration
haya14busa/vim-edgemotion Jump to the edge of block
t9md/vim-quickhl Quickly highlight words
rafi/vim-sidemenu Small side-menu useful for terminal users
Shougo/tabpagebuffer.vim Tabpage buffer interface
airblade/vim-gitgutter Show git changes at Vim gutter and un/stages hunks
nathanaelkane/vim-indent-guides Visually display indent levels in code
MattesGroeger/vim-bookmarks Bookmarks, works independently from vim marks
rhysd/committia.vim Pleasant editing on Git commit messages
benekastah/neomake Asynchronous linting and make framework
[junegunn/goyo] Distraction-free writing
[junegunn/limelight] Hyperfocus-writing
itchyny/calendar.vim Calendar application
vimwiki/vimwiki Personal Wiki for Vim


Name Description
Shougo/deoplete.nvim Neovim: Dark powered asynchronous completion framework
Shougo/neocomplete Next generation completion framework
Shougo/neosnippet.vim Contains neocomplete snippets source
Raimondi/delimitMate Auto-completion for quotes, parens, brackets
ludovicchabant/vim-gutentags Manages your tag files
mattn/emmet-vim Provides support for expanding abbreviations alá emmet
Shougo/echodoc.vim Print objects' documentation in echo area
Shougo/neosnippet-snippets Standard snippets repository for neosnippet
davidhalter/jedi-vim Python jedi autocompletion library
zchee/deoplete-go deoplete.nvim source for Go
zchee/deoplete-jedi deoplete.nvim source for Python
carlitux/deoplete-ternjs deoplete.nvim source for javascript
wellle/tmux-complete.vim Completion of words in adjacent tmux panes
ternjs/tern_for_vim Provides Tern-based JavaScript editing support


Name Description
Shougo/denite.nvim Dark powered asynchronous unite all interfaces
nixprime/cpsm File matcher, specialized for paths
chemzqm/unite-location Denite location & quickfix lists
chemzqm/denite-git gitlog, gitstatus and gitchanged sources
rafi/vim-denite-z Filter and browse Z (jump around) data file
rafi/vim-denite-session Browse and open sessions
rafi/vim-denite-mpc Denite source for browsing your MPD music library

Operators & Text Objects

Name Description
kana/vim-operator-user Define your own custom operators
kana/vim-operator-replace Operator to replace text with register content
rhysd/vim-operator-surround Operator to enclose text objects
haya14busa/vim-operator-flashy Highlight yanked area
kana/vim-textobj-user Create your own text objects
terryma/vim-expand-region Visually select increasingly larger regions of text
AndrewRadev/sideways.vim Match function arguments
AndrewRadev/splitjoin.vim Transition code between multi-line and single-line
AndrewRadev/linediff.vim Perform diffs on blocks of code
glts/vim-textobj-comment Text objects for comments
AndrewRadev/dsf.vim Delete surrounding function call
osyo-manga/vim-textobj-multiblock Handle bracket objects
kana/vim-textobj-function Text objects for functions

Custom Key-mappings

Note that,

  • Leader key is set as Space (这里改成了 ,)
  • Local-leader is set as ; and used for Denite & NERDTree
Key Mode Action
Space All Leader
; All Local Leader
Arrows Normal Resize splits (* Enable g:elite_mode in .vault.vim)
Backspace Normal Match bracket (%)
K Normal Open Zeal or Dash on some file types (except Python+Vim script)
Y Normal Yank to the end of line (y$)
<Return> Normal Toggle fold (za)
S+<Return> Normal Focus the current fold by closing all others (zMza)
S+<Return> Insert Start new line from any cursor position (<C-o>o)
hjkl Normal Smart cursor movements (g/hjkl)
Ctrl+f Normal Smart page forward (C-f/C-d)
Ctrl+b Normal Smart page backwards (C-b/C-u)
Ctrl+e Normal Smart scroll down (3C-e/j)
Ctrl+y Normal Smart scroll up (3C-y/k)
Ctrl+q Normal Remap to Ctrl+w
Ctrl+x Normal Rotate window placement
! Normal Shortcut for :!
} Normal After paragraph motion go to first non-blank char (}^)
< Visual/Normal Indent to left and re-select
> Visual/Normal Indent to right and re-select
Tab Visual Indent to right and re-select
Shift+Tab Visual Indent to left and re-select
gh Normal Show highlight group that matches current cursor
gp Normal Select last paste
Q Normal Start/stop macro recording
gQ Normal Play macro 'q'
mj/mk Normal/Visual Move lines down/up
cp Normal Duplicate paragraph
cn/cN Normal/Visual Change current word in a repeatable manner
s Visual Replace within selected area
Ctrl+a Command Navigation in command line
Ctrl+b Command Move cursor backward in command line
Ctrl+f Command Move cursor forward in command line
Ctrl+r Visual Replace selection with step-by-step confirmation
,+Space Normal Remove all spaces at EOL
<leader>+<leader> Normal Enter visual line-mode
<leader>+a Normal Align paragraph
<leader>+os Normal Load last session
<leader>+se Normal Save current workspace as last session
<leader>+d Normal/Visual Duplicate line or selection
<leader>+S Normal/Visual Source selection
<leader>+ml Normal Append modeline

File Operations

Key Mode Action
<leader>+cd Normal Switch to the directory of opened buffer (:lcd %:p:h)
<leader>+w Normal/visual Write (:w)
<leader>+y / <leader>+Y Normal Copy (relative / absolute) file-path to clipboard
Ctrl+s All Write (:w)
W!! Command Write as root

Editor UI

Key Mode Action
<leader>+ti Normal Toggle indentation lines
<leader>+ts Normal Toggle spell-checker (:setlocal spell!)
<leader>+tn Normal Toggle line numbers (:setlocal nonumber!)
<leader>+tl Normal Toggle hidden characters (:setlocal nolist!)
<leader>+th Normal Toggle highlighted search (:set hlsearch!)
<leader>+tw Normal Toggle wrap (:setlocal wrap! breakindent!)
g0 Normal Go to first tab (:tabfirst)
g$ Normal Go to last tab (:tablast)
gr Normal Go to previous tab (:tabprevious)
Ctrl+j Normal Move to split below (<C-w>j)
Ctrl+k Normal Move to upper split (<C-w>k)
Ctrl+h Normal Move to left split (<C-w>h)
Ctrl+l Normal Move to right split (<C-w>l)
* Visual Search selection forwards
# Visual Search selection backwards
<leader>+j Normal Next on location list
<leader>+k Normal Previous on location list
<leader>+b Normal Toggle colorscheme background dark/light
s+- Normal Lower colorscheme contrast (Support solarized8)
s+= Normal Raise colorscheme contrast (Support solarized8)

Window Management

Key Mode Action
q Normal Quit window (and Vim, if last window)
Tab Normal Next window in tab
Shift+Tab Normal Previous window in tab
Ctrl+Tab Normal Next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Normal Previous tab
\+\ Normal Jump to last tab
s+v Normal Horizontal split (:split)
s+g Normal Vertical split (:vsplit)
s+t Normal Open new tab (:tabnew)
s+o Normal Close other windows (:only)
s+x Normal Remove buffer, leave blank window
s+q Normal Closes current buffer (:close)
s+Q Normal Removes current buffer (:bdelete)
<leader>+sv Normal Split with previous buffer
<leader>+sg Normal Vertical split with previous buffer

Plugin: Denite

Key Mode Action
;+r Normal Resumes last Denite window
;+f Normal File search
;+b Normal Buffers and MRU
;+d Normal Directories
;+l Normal Location list
;+q Normal Quick fix
;+n Normal Dein plugin list
;+g Normal Grep search
;+j Normal Jump points(在搜索结果中上下移动,normal 模式下)
;+o Normal Outline tags
;+s Normal Sessions
;+t Normal Tag under cursor
;+p Normal Jump to previous position
;+h Normal Help
;+v Normal/Visual Register
;+z Normal Z (jump around)
;+; Normal Command history
;+/ Normal Buffer lines
;+* Normal Match line
<leader>+gl Normal Git log (all)
<leader>+gs Normal Git status
<leader>+gc Normal Git branches
<leader>+gf Normal Grep word under cursor
<leader>+gg Normal/Visual Grep word under cursor
Within Denite mode
Escape Normal/Insert Toggle modes
jj Insert Leave Insert mode
Ctrl+y Insert Redraw
r Normal Redraw
st Normal Open in a new tab
sg Normal Open in a vertical split
sv Normal Open in a split
' Normal Toggle mark current candidate

Plugin: NERDTree

Key Mode Action
;+e Normal Toggle file explorer
;+a Normal Toggle file explorer on current file
Within NERDTree buffers
h/j/k/l Normal Movement + collapse/expand + file open
w Normal Toggle window size
N Normal Create new file or directory
yy Normal Yank selected item to clipboard
st Normal Open file in new tab
sv Normal Open file in a horizontal split
sg Normal Open file in a vertical split
& Normal Jump to project root
gh Normal Jump to user's home directory
gd Normal Open split diff on selected file
gf Normal Search in selected directory for files
gr Normal Grep in selected directory

Plugin: Deoplete / Emmet / Neocomplete

Key Mode Action
Enter Insert Select completion or expand snippet
Tab Insert/select Smart tab movement or completion
Ctrl+j/k/f/b/d/u Insert Movement in completion pop-up
Ctrl+<Return> Insert Expand Emmet sequence
Ctrl+o Insert Expand snippet
Ctrl+g Insert Refresh candidates
Ctrl+l Insert Complete common string
Ctrl+e Insert Cancel selection and close pop-up
Ctrl+y Insert Close pop-up

Plugin: Commentary

Key Mode Action
<leader>+v Normal/visual Toggle single-line comments
<leader>+V Normal/visual Toggle comment block

Plugin: Edge Motion

Key Mode Action
g+j Normal/Visual Jump to edge downwards
g+k Normal/Visual Jump to edge upwards

Plugin: QuickHL

Key Mode Action
<leader>+, Normal/Visual Toggle highlighted word

Plugin: Expand-Region

Key Mode Action
v Visual/select Expand selection
V Visual/select Reduce selection

Plugin: Easymotion

Key Mode Action
s+s Normal Jump to two characters from input
s+d Normal Jump to a character from input
s+f Normal Jump over-windows
s+h Normal Jump backwards in-line
s+l Normal Jump forwards in-line
s+j Normal Jump downwards
s+k Normal Jump upwards
s+/ Normal/operator Jump to free-search
s+n Normal Smart next occurrence
s+p Normal Smart previous occurrence

Plugin: ChooseWin

Key Mode Action
- Normal Choose a window to edit
<leader>+- Normal Switch editing window with selected

Plugin: Bookmarks

Key Mode Action
m+a Normal Show list of all bookmarks
m+m Normal Toggle bookmark in current line
m+n Normal Jump to next bookmark
m+p Normal Jump to previous bookmark
m+i Normal Annotate bookmark

Plugin: Easygit

Key Mode Action
<leader>+ga Normal Git add current file
<leader>+gS Normal Git status
<leader>+gd Normal Git diff
<leader>+gD Normal Close diff
<leader>+gc Normal Git commit
<leader>+gb Normal Git blame
<leader>+gB Normal Open in browser
<leader>+gp Normal Git push

Plugin: GitGutter

Key Mode Action
<leader>+hj Normal Jump to next hunk
<leader>+hk Normal Jump to previous hunk
<leader>+hs Normal Stage hunk
<leader>+hr Normal Revert hunk
<leader>+hp Normal Preview hunk

Plugin: Linediff

Key Mode Action
,+df Visual Mark lines and open diff if 2nd region
,+da Visual Mark lines for diff
,+ds Normal Shows the diff between all the marked areas
,+dr Normal Removes the signs denoting the diff'ed regions

Misc Plugins

Key Mode Action
m+g Normal Open Magit
<leader>+l Normal Open sidemenu
<leader>+o Normal Open tag-bar
<leader>+G Normal Toggle distraction-free writing
<leader>+gu Normal Open undo tree
<leader>+W Normal Wiki
<leader>+K Normal Thesaurus
<leader>+? Normal Dictionary (macOS only)

Credits & Contribution

Big thanks to the dark knight Shougo.

Tmux & Theme


You may need the same hack to make vim work well in tmux. Put these lines into your .vimrc:

set t_8f=^[[38;2;%lu;%lu;%lum
set t_8b=^[[48;2;%lu;%lu;%lum

The '^[' represent the escape char. You should press Ctrl-v + Esc to input actual escape. If the ^[ is two characters (^ and [), it's wrong. If it is one character, it's okay. When you delete the character with backspace, you will find that ^[ is deleted at once. Please also check :help c_CTRL-V (and :help i_CTRL-V). check issue and issue for more information.

neovim works perfect without this config. If you encounter a color issue using tmux, make sure that:

  • you are using the latest version of tmux (v2.2)

  • your $TERM variable is set to "xterm-256color"

  • add the line below to your .tmux.conf file:

    set-option -ga terminal-overrides ",xterm-256color:Tc"

See this article for more details on tmux.

解决 mac tmux 下 neovim 无法复制到剪贴板的问题

# https://github.com/tmux/tmux/issues/543
brew install reattach-to-user-namespace
# then edit your .tmux.conf
set -g default-shell $SHELL
set -g default-command "reattach-to-user-namespace -l ${SHELL}"
# In .vimrc or ~/.config/nvim/init.vim (I use Neovim):
set clipboard=unnamed
# reload tmux config
tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf

解决 vim gutter 使用 emoji 文本渲染问题

See this Vim text rendering off by one issue

如果你使用了 Iterm2 + neovim,并且在 gutter 栏使用了 emoji 表情,比如 vim-gitgutter, vim-ale 等插件的提示是 emoji。 请勾选 Iterm2->Profiles->Text->Use Unicode versoin 9 widths

See this issue https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43107435/emoji-display-issue-in-vim-with-tmux/52142277#52142277