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YARD: Yet Another R Demo

Paul W. Egeler, M.S., GStat

This package is a learnr demo built for the West Michigan R Users Group meeting at Big Data Ignite 2017. It is meant to introduce R to a user with some background in coding but who has had little to no experience with R per se.

Getting Started

You can install and run the tutorial from your R session. You can download R at

I recommend using an integrated development environment (IDE) to help making coding easier and streamline development of projects. Most people I know use RStudio. You can get it at


The devtools package must be installed in order to install the tutorial. devtools can be installed for free from CRAN by pasting the following code in the Console of your R session and pressing Enter:


Afterwards, you can then install this package by pasting the code below into the R Console and pressing Enter again:


Running the Tutorial

Once the package is installed, it can be run from your machine by typing the following into your Console and pressing Enter

learnr::run_tutorial("YARD", "YARD")

A browser will be brought up that will contain the tutorial.