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alloy-ti_touchdb is a persistence adapter which allows you to use TiTouchDB to store model objects within Alloy, the MVC application framework for Appcelerator Titanium. Why the heck would you need that? Well...

  • Alloy makes it dead simple to save your application's data by using Backbone model objects to relieve you of the burden of writing a bunch of persistence code. See the Alloy README for an example of how to interact with models.
  • TouchDB is a lightweight Apache CouchDB-compatible database engine suitable for embedding into mobile or desktop apps. TouchDB can sync data between a mobile device and CouchDB servers, providing a mobile, offline copy of the data while the user is not connected to the network and a synchronized copy when the network is available.
  • TiTouchDB is a Titanium module which wraps the TouchDB-iOS and TouchDB-Android libraries, providing cross-platform support for TouchDB in Titanium.

What you get with alloy-ti_touchdb is an MVC framework that painlessly syncs your app's data to and from your server.

Current Status

  • 2012-10-26 - Changes to the view specification in the model config (see below)
  • 2012-10-02 - Initial release


  1. Create an Alloy project as per the Alloy documentation.
  2. Follow the instructions for adding the TiTouchDB module to your project.
  3. Clone this repo and copy the alloy/sync/titouchdb.js file to your project's app/lib/alloy/sync directory.

Creating a Model

Create a new model using alloy generate model MODELNAME titouchdb. This will create a new file named models/MODELNAME.js that looks like this:

exports.definition = {
  config: {
        "adapter": {
            "type": "titouchdb",
            "collection_name": "MODELNAME",

    extendModel: function(Model) {      
        _.extend(Model.prototype, {
        }); // end extend
        return Model;

    extendCollection: function(Collection) {        
        _.extend(Collection.prototype, {
        }); // end extend
        return Collection;

Edit the model source file and add a new property named dbname to the adapter object. The value of this property should be the name of the local TouchDB database that you will be using to store this model.

Collections in alloy-ti_touchdb map to TouchDB views. Each model is associated with a design document that holds one or more views used to fetch collections of the model. In order to fetch collections in Alloy, you must specify the design doc name by changing the value of the collection_name property to the name of the design document and specify one or more views in the views property. Each view is defined as an object with a name and map property and an optional reduce property:

  config: {
    "adapter": {
      "type": "titouchdb",
      "dbname": "mydb",
      "collection_name": "myddoc",
      "views": [
        { "name": "default", "map": "function (doc) { emit(doc.title, null); }" },
        { "name": "by_name", "map": "function (doc) { emit([doc.last_name, doc.first_name], null); }" }

Optional adapter properties are:

  • modelname (String) adds a property to all new documents named modelname with the provided value. This is useful to differentiate document types within the TouchDB database. The property name "modelname" was chosen for compatibility with Spine's persistence mechanism.
  • view_options (Object) add global options for view queries. Currently supports prefetch, limit, skip, descending, and group_level. See the TiTouchDB docs for information about these parameters.