Appcelerator Titanium module for interacting with a CouchDB instance.
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CouchDb Client Library for Appcelerator Titanium Mobile

This project is a port of jquery.couchdb.js to use the Titanium.Network.HTTPClient API instead of jQuery. There are three versions of the library:


Native module for iOS devices. See the Github wiki for build and installation instructions.


A work in progress. There are some issues with a native Javascript module on Android, so for that platform, I suggest that you use...


The library as an includeable script. To use this version of the script, copy it to your Resources directory and include it in your app files as follows:


This will create a variable named couchdb_client in the current context which can be used to communicate with the CouchDb server.


This library is based on the work of the Apache CouchDb team and contributors.

sha1.js Version 2.1a Copyright Paul Johnston 2000 - 2002.

base64.js Copyright (C) 1999 Masanao Izumo