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New website of running on Symfony + Statie + EasyAdminBundle
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Web of Czech PHP Community

Build Status

We're family of PHP developers from the Czech Republic, learning from each other on meetups and trainings. We meet once a month in Prague, Brno and less often 4 other cities.

This website is deployed to


git clone

# install PHP dependencies
composer install

# rename `.env.dist` to `.env` and complete variables.

# create database
bin/console doctrine:schema:create

# if you change entities later, update the database
bin/console doctrine:schema:update --dump-sql --force

# dump css and js from all bundles
bin/console assets:install --env=prod --no-debug

# final step - run the website
bin/console server:run

Open localhost:8000 to see if it worked!

Run via Docker

This is example for running the project locally:

  1. Run bin/
  2. Enjoy :-)

Project is available on localhost:8080
DB Adminer is available on localhost:8081 (default credentials: server: mysql, user: root, password: root)

In some rare scenarios you might want to tweak docker-compose.yml file for your needs.


Thank You

Our deploy from merge to production takes only 6 minutes thanks to Jan Mikeš. If you need CI-ready, Gitlab, Docker and DigitalOcean fully automated deploy, let him know.

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