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+This cookbook intents to install a full-blown mail server stack on a clean node.
+The core components are:
+ - postfix
+ - dovecot
+ - amavisd
+ - clamav (virus scanner)
+ - spamassassin (spam filter)
+ - postfixadmin (administrative web interface)
+It further installs PostgreSQL to store the account / domain data and lighttpd to serve postfixadmin.
+Right now none of these components is optional and the separation is not fully clear.
+It is planned for the future though to add some configuration options.
+This has only been tested on a freshly installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS node.
+It is not very likely to work on non-Ubuntu/Debian distributions.
+Cookbook dependencies are:
+ - postgresql
+ - database
+ - lighttpd
+none, yet
+Add the cookbook and it's requirements to your local Chef repository and to the nodes run list.
+Then let Chef do all the work for you.
+Any help and contributions in the form of pull requests or bug reports are appreciated!

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