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RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data.
It started as a port of [MerbAdmin][merb-admin] to Rails 3 and was implemented
as a [Ruby Summer of Code project][rubysoc] by [Bogdan Gaza][hurrycane] with
mentors [Erik Michaels-Ober][sferik], [Yehuda Katz][wycats], [Luke van der
Hoeven][plukevdh], and [Rein Henrichs][reinh].
RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data.
## Announcements
### [Action required] Security issue
`RailsAdmin::Config::Fields::Types::Serialized#parse_input` was unsafe, because it was using the infamous `YAML#load`.
To fix this, RailsAdmin now uses [safe_yaml](, with `enable_arbitrary_object_deserialization` and `suppress_warnings` on, for maximum compatibity with all existing apps.
@@ -44,9 +29,7 @@ Rails3.0 and other non-maintained branches may be at risk too, I strongly advise
More information about the whole drama [here](
## Features
* Display database tables
* Create new data
* Easily update data
@@ -63,33 +46,30 @@ More information about the whole drama [here](
* Mongoid [new]
## Demo
Take RailsAdmin for a [test drive][demo] with sample data. ([Source code.][dummy_app])
## Installation
In your `Gemfile`, add the following dependencies:
gem 'fastercsv' # Only required on Ruby 1.8 and below
gem 'rails_admin'
$ bundle install
bundle install
And then run:
$ rails g rails_admin:install
rails g rails_admin:install
This generator will install RailsAdmin and [Devise]( if you
don't already have it installed. [Devise]( is strongly
recommended to protect your data from anonymous users. Note: If you do not already have [Devise](
installed, make sure you remove the registerable module from the generated user model.
It will modify your `config/routes.rb`, adding:
@@ -114,39 +94,34 @@ See [#715]( for more details.
It will also add an intializer that will help you getting started. (head for config/initializers/rails_admin.rb)
Finally run:
$ bundle exec rake db:migrate
bundle exec rake db:migrate
Optionally, you may wish to set up [Cancan](,
[PaperTrail](, [CKeditor](, [CodeMirror](
More on that in the [Wiki](
## Usage
Start the server:
$ rails server
rails server
You should now be able to administer your site at
## Configuration
All configuration documentation has moved to the wiki:
## Screenshots
![Dashboard view]( "dashboard view")
![Delete view]( "delete view")
![List view]( "list view")
![Nested view]( "nested view")
![Polymorphic edit view]( "polymorphic view")
## Support
If you have a question, please check this README, the wiki, and the [list of
known issues][troubleshoot].

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