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The War-O code kata. This is a work in progress by a newcomer to Ruby. See 'Issues' for known TODOs.


Configure "config.txt" with # cards, # games, players. It is a DSL that uses Ruby code used for the game.

Type: ./


Use a deck of N cards with no suits, just natural numbers from 1 to N.

Shuffle and deal N cards evenly to X players and a kitty.

For each round: - Reveal a card from the kitty. This is the 'prize card'. - Each player selects a 'bid' from his/her hand. - Bids are revealed: highest bid wins points according to value of the prize card.

After all rounds, player with most points wins.


Deck is [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]

John's hand is [2,4,9] Alice's hand is [1,3,8] kitty is [5,6,7]

Round 1, prize card is 5 John bids 4, Alice bids 8 -> Alice wins 5 pts

Round 2, prize card is 6 John bids 9, Alice bids 1 -> John wins 6 pts

Round 3, prize card is 7 John bids 2, Alice bids 3 -> Alice wins 7 pts

Alice wins (12 pts) over John (6 pts)