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A tic-tac-toe game built for Twoday coding challenge. Opponent moves and comments are prompted from ChatGPT.

Other features include viewing other players' ongoing games live & past games turn-by-turn, player statistics and ability to delete your own games.

Turns out ChatGPT-3.5 is a pretty bad tic-tac-toe player, and the real challenge is to actually lose a game! Still waiting for my GPT-4 API access, interesting to see if it can play better.


Running locally


Register for a ChatGPT API key at OpenAI & add the key to .env. Generate the NEXTAUTH_SECRET as instructed in .env-example and add the OAuth details for at least one of the providers. Remove the rest at .env, src/env.mjs & src/server/auth.ts.

cp .env-example .env
yarn install
yarn dev


Start a Postgres database, synchronize the Prisma schema and optionally seed it with data for a few games.

docker-compose up
npx prisma db push
npx prisma db seed


Run Vitest & Playwright tests with or without a browser interface. Next needs to run with dev:test to enable MSW API mocking.

yarn dev:test
yarn test:ui
yarn test


  • Connect the console buttons to the UI
  • Figure out if ChatGPT's moves can be improved with different prompting
  • Tests for content behind authentication