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This is very simple web translator. It is simple working demonstration of using i18n-translators-tools. If you want to try it just download it enter the directory and run ruby start.rb

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I18n web translator

This is very simple project-based application for translating locales using i18n-translators-tools. If you want to try it just download it enter the directory and run ruby start.rb

For managing your locales look at i18n-translators-tools gem and the i18n-translate tool. It can merge and propagate changes and convert to different formats (yml, rb, po, ts, properties).

Interesting features

  • various formats support (yml, rb, po, ts, properties)
  • nested directories
    • can work with locales in nested directories
    • creates new locale in every subdirectory respecting .i18n-translate config in the project directory (you can set there e.g.: :exclude => ['rules'])
    • if you create new subdirectory using web translator it automaticaly creates empty locale file for all language in actual format.
    • default file for every nested directory
  • no database required
  • various scenarios possible
    • e.g: you can have default file in yaml and other locales in po.


  • enhanced format for rb and yml file it uses enhanced format used by i18n-translators-tools. If you want to use it with ruby i18n library you either have to strip all extra metadata (after you copy files somewhere):

    i18n-translate strip

    or you have to configure and include correct backends in your application eg:

    I18n::Backend::Simple.send(:include, I18n::Backend::PO)
    I18n::Backend::Simple.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Translate)
    I18n::Backend::Simple.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Fallbacks)
    I18n.default_locale = 'default'
    I18n.load_path << Dir[ File.expand_path("../locale/default.yml", __FILE__) ]
    I18n.load_path << Dir[ File.expand_path("../locale/*.po", __FILE__) ]
    I18n.locale = 'cs'
  • Because i18n-translate can NOT handle lambdas and procs objects you should store them in different sub-directory and set exclude in project config file (see i18n-translators-tools project how)

  • no authentication or authorization

  • raise conditions are possible if more people edit the same file


  • i18n
  • i18n-translators-tools (version 0.2)
  • ramaze


Installing dependencies

gem install i18n i18n-translators-tools ramaze

Downloading translator

git clone


cd i18n-web-translator
ruby start.rb

now point your browser to http://localhost:7000/

Using I18n web translator to translating your own project

  1. Create a new project in the translator.
  2. copy your locales to project/
  3. start translating
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