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Add a link to EEP8

Suggested by Vlad Dumitrescu.
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@bjorng bjorng authored Erlang/OTP committed
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15 system/doc/reference_manual/modules.xml
@@ -167,6 +167,21 @@ fact(0) -> % |
the original user-written file from which the source program
was produced.</p>
+ <section>
+ <title>Types and function specifications</title>
+ <p>The current release implements types and function specifications
+ as described in
+ <url href="">EEP8 -
+Types and function specifications</url>.
+ <note>
+ <p>The implementation and EEP8 may not exactly correspond to
+ each other. In a future release, type and function specifications
+ will be described in this reference manual.</p>
+ </note>
+ </p>
+ </section>
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