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wallpaperd is a small application that takes care of setting the
background image. wallpaperd was created due to a friend requesting to
have different wallpapers on the different workspaces in pekwm.

=== Features ===

wallpaperd now supports:

* Changing wallpaper on workspace change.
* Changing wallpaper every X amount of time.
* Changing wallpaper based on a GNOME background.xml file.
* Support for specifying centered, zoomed, tiled and fill image modes.
* Selecting wallpaper based on workspace number.
* Selecting wallpaper based on workspace name.
* RANDR support setting the wallpaper on each screen.
* RANDR support re-setting the wallpaper on screen resolution changes.
* Setting background Atom hint.

plans for implementing support for:

* RANDR support having per screen wallpapers.

=== Supported platforms ===

wallpaperd is known to compile and run on the following platforms:

* Ubuntu 10.04
* OpenBSD 4.6
* OS X 10.6
* OpenSolaris 2009.06, both with GCC and Sun Studio compiler. Requires
  SUNWgnome-common-devel and SUNWxorg-headers packages. Imlib2 is not included
  in the standard package repository.

=== Installation ===

wallpaperd requires:

* Xlib, X11 development files.
* Imlib2, Image loading and manipulation

To install (download, extract, configure, compile and install) execute:

 $ wget
 $ tar xvzf wallpaperd-0.2.2.tar.gz
 $ cd wallpaperd-0.2.2
 $ ./configure
 $ make
 $ sudo make install

=== Configuration ===

wallpaperd is configured in ~/.wallpaperd.cfg which is a simple
section free ini style configuration file.

An example configuration file setting the wallpaper based on workspace
name, having special wallpapers for work and www workspaces and a default
image named default.jpg:
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