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@pekempy pekempy released this Apr 17, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

Breeze v1.8.3

New in this version:

  • More colour customisation including working colour pickers for all 3 views titles
  • Titles will somewhat marquee if they are too long and you hover over the card (WIP)
  • Updated a few back-end plugins
  • 🐛🐛Fixed major v1.8.2 bug where user couldn't launch for the first time🐛🐛
    This was due to changing colour customisation from simple accent to colour pickers

Click here for an album of how it looks when populated!
Click here for a video preview

Install using the packaged installer.
Run as admin - otherwise it struggles to create files
Add your first game using the FAB at the bottom right, if you want to change the genre listings or colours, do so from the settings (overflow button in the top right).
If you want to scan for installed games, use the settings > library tab
The sidebar on the left will filter by genre.
Not all images are required, however it looks best with them all in!

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