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Tanka GraphQL library

  • Execute queries, mutations and subscriptions
  • Validation
  • Source Generator based source code generation (Schema types from classes)
  • New and improved parser for executable and type system documents
  • Delegates as resolvers and subscriptions (also middleware)
  • New middleware based execution pipelines (since v3)
  • New server and executor implementations (since v3)
  • Apollo Federation subgraph support (since v3)
  • graphql-ws compatible web socket server (compatible with latest Apollo Client) (since v3)

Documentation and packages

Both beta and release packages are available from NuGet and NPM

Nuget Nuget (with prereleases)


See Samples in the repository. See Tanka Chat for a more complete example.


dotnet package add Tanka.GraphQL
dotnet package add Tanka.GraphQL.Server

Run benchmarks

src\GraphQL.benchmarks> dotnet run --configuration release --framework net8.0