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Tanka GraphQL sample

Example of using tanka-graphql with Apollo

Live at:


  • Host - this acts as an gateway to Channels and Messages services
  • ClientApp - SPA frontend using React and Apollo
  • Channels.Host - provides channels graphql service (signalr, http)
  • Messages.Host - provides messages graphql service (signalr)

Host project uses introspection to build remote executable schemas from Channels and Messages services.


  • nodeJS
  • latest VS 2019 (or just use command prompt and VS Code)
  • dotnet sdk 3.1
  • Auth0 tenant with SPA and API applications created
  • tanka.graphql.generator.tool installed (run dotnet tool restore)

Run the sample


docker-compose up

Open http://localhost:5001 in web browser.

Visual Studio

Open solution properties and select the projects to start.

Solution properties


Sample uses Auth0 to provide GitHub login for the application. The default values in the repo might not work for you and it's recommended you configure your own tenant in Auth0 and modify settings to match.


Frontend uses Auth0 for authentication. Create SPA application in Auth0 and modify .env file at the root of src\ClientApp directory with the settings of your application. The app uses userprofile to show who is participating in the chat.

Url: https://localhost:5001

React frontend application with small NodeJS server.

Uses randomly either tanka-graphql-server-link or apollo-link-ws to communicate with server.


Select multiple projects in the debug options of the solution and make sure Host is the last one to launch.

Backend uses Auth0 for JWT validation and authorization. Create API in Auth0 and set your settings in appsettings.json files in the web projects in the solution.

"JWT": {
	"Authority": "<authority",
	"Audience": "<audience>"


Host project uses the introspection query to build a single executable schema from the GraphQL endpoints provided by Messages.Host and Channels.Host. This allows splitting the application into multiple smaller services while still providing single access point for the clients. Provides SignalR based GraphQL server for clients using tanka-graphql-server-link and WebSockets based GraphQL server for client using apollo-link-ws.

Host uses SignalR link or Http link to talk to the Channels service based on the operation type.


Messages host uses Auth0 userinfo endpoint to fetch additional claims about the user. It also adds the current user into the arguments of the resolver so resolver can access the ClaimsPrincipal.

Messages host also provides a streaming subscription support for chat message events.


Channels host provides functions for getting list of channels.