Add dataset xrefs

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A reference to an external dataset associated with a publication is called an xref in the Publications system. The standard procedure for adding xrefs is as follows:

  1. Log in as a curator. If you do not have a curator account, email your site admin (see the menu item About -> Contact).

  2. Seek out the publication you want to work on, and go to its full page by clicking on the title.

  3. Click the Acquire button. This will lock the publication for you to edit during 24 hours. No-one else will be able to edit it, but all can still view it as usual. After 24 hours, the lock will remain, but any other curator will be able to release it.

  4. To add a new the xref, click the Edit xrefs button. The page shown allows adding a new xref, as well as deleting existing xrefs. There are some predefined databases, but it is possible to add an xref to any database. The description field can be used for a brief note about the type of data in the database entry, or some other relevant information.

  5. If you add a new xref which has the identical database and accession as an existing xref, the old entry will be updated by the new description, if any. It is not possible to add duplicates.

  6. The list of predefined databases have associated with them template URLs to allow the system to provide links to the database entry. The list is part of the configuration of the site, and can be expanded by the site admin. Send an email asking him/her to do so.

  7. When all xrefs have been added, click Release as a courtesy to other curators.

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