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Recogito 2 Gazetteer Package: GeoNames

A gazetteer package for Recogito 2, using a subset of data from GeoNames. The package is based on the material available through the GeoNames Download Server and uses the following source files:

  • countryInfo.txt - countries (without geometry)
  • admin1CodesASCII.txt - level 1 admin divisions (without geometry)
  • cities1000.txt - cities with a population > 1000 (with point coordinates)
  • alternateNames.txt - alternate names with language codes (note: this file is not included in this repository due to filesize restrictions; the script will download it from GeoNames automatically)
  • shapes_simplified_low.txt - simplified country boundary shapes

The following data sources are used in addition to GeoNames:

  • ne_admin1_states_provinces_simplified.geojson contains simplified geometries for admin level 1 regions, derived from Natural Earth (thanks to @kgeographer for pointing me there!)
  • Based on wikidata_geonames.csv, the gazetteer package includes concordances between GeoNames and Wikidata for 87,555 records


Version Date # of Records Notes
0.1 2017-04-04 152,249 Initial release, without Admin 1 boundaries geonames-20170404.jsonl.gz

Attribution & License

  • GeoNames dump files are licensed CC-BY 3.0
  • Natural Earth data is in the public domain
  • Concordances between GeoNames and Wikidata were extracted from Wikidata by Michael Stoner as part of the PastPlace Global Historical Gazetteer project
  • Additional concordances were compiled by Florian Kräutli
  • World continent borders are from the UCLA geoportal