Adds a helper method to your controller and integration tests that automatically opens the response body in the default browser.
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= lindo

Enables rendering of the body of an HTTP response from inside controller and
integration tests. This makes it easy to diagnose problems when building
assert_select statements or just sanity check the output of the test.

== Installation
Install the gem standalone:

  sudo gem install lindo

Or install the gem in your Rails project:

  config.gem 'lindo' # add this line to environment.rb
  rake gems:install

You may have to require and extend the Lindo module from your test or
spec helper if you use sessions in your integration tests:

  require 'lindo'
  session.extend Lindo

== Usage

Insert the vr method in your functional test immediately after an HTTP
request has been sent:

  def test_new
    post :new
    assert_select "div[id=header]"

vr attempts to open the response body in the default web browser. If you want
to open the raw HTML in the default text editor instead, simply pass the :html
symbol to the method:

  def test_new
    post :new

By default, vr looks for an instance variable named @response and calls the #body
method on it. If your page body is stored in a different variable (such as when
testing a mailer) you can pass the raw HTML directly to vr and it will do the
right thing:

  def test_mailer
    mail = Mailer.create_notification

== Compatibility

Lindo works with test/spec, test/unit, RSpec, and Cucumber. When testing with
RSpec, ensure your controllers are using integrate_views otherwise nothing will
show up when the browser opens. To use Lindo with Cucumber, a custom step can
be written. It could look something like this:

  Then /^render the current page$/ do
    extend Lindo

== Running Unit Tests

Use the rake command to run the unit tests for the plugin. The tests require
that the Mocha gem be installed locally:

  sudo gem install mocha

== Resources

Author: Adeptware, Inc.