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12/03/09 - Is now a gem [Matthew Bass]
07/01/08 - should.render now takes optional response code [Matthew Bass]
06/28/08 - Added should.render for testing template rendering [Matthew Bass]
05/15/08 - First pass at overriding generators to produce specs [Matthew Bass]
03/18/08 - it_should_validate_presence_of helper added [Matthew Bass]
03/12/08 - nil is now supported [Rob Sanheim]
03/11/08 - Added content_type attr to dummy response for Rails 2.0 [Jason Rudolph]
03/06/08 - Added should.differ(:method).by wrapper for assert_difference [Matthew Bass]
02/18/08 - Added Rakefile, began adding tests [Matthew Bass]
02/08/08 - Added support for route checking (i.e. assert_generates) [Jason Rudolph]
01/10/08 - Added CHANGELOG and LICENSE [Matthew Bass]
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