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d077542 Oct 9, 2015
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Our unlicensed 2002 push to make Scsi speech as free as it should be, in the C programming language.


To download the code, click thru to any one of:

Way back when

To visit the PLScsi web site as it was, click thru to, click thru the middle right "Download Zip" button, find that Zip in your Downloads, open its Index.html.


Talk to me if this work interests you.

Like tell me you're bothered by 1 of the 31 broken links, and I'll try to fix it.

To talk to me quickly, find me plainly in public at

To talk to me slowly, find me 1x1 unencrypted at

It is conversation when you can't control what you say, how long it takes, and where it goes. - TGross STurkle