Records/playbacks the Kinect point cloud + Mesh Import Blender scripts
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///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ofxKinectMeshRecorder /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

OpenFrameworks App by welovecode

This is a simple app that records/playbacks the Kinect point cloud into/from a serie of txt files.

It also includes a Blender script that creates an animated Mesh inside blender from those txt files very useful for 3d/video post production. From Blender you can export the animation into a sequence of ".obj" files and use it in other 3d programs or After Effects.

Please remember this is a limited first version we developed for internal work in a project.


Interesting Related Pojects:

Moullinex / Catalina music video Source code and workflow on the same process but using Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects.

kinectToTexturedOBJ class to save the data from the kinect as a textured OBJ file.

This app depends on the following addons:

OF version: 0.71


15-06-12: First version with Blender import scripts.