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Find file Copy path
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import os
import sys
from sys import platform as _platform
import os.path as op
import traceback
import glob
TITLE = 'Installing Blender reqs'
# todo: Download get_pip from and put it in GET_PIP_FOL
GET_PIP_FOL = 'set-this-folder-name'
# todo: update theis list accroding to your requirements, or use a requirements.txt file
REQS = 'matplotlib scipy joblib tqdm'
def is_windows():
return _platform == "win32"
def is_osx():
return _platform == "darwin"
def is_linux():
return _platform == "linux" or _platform == "linux2"
def install_blender_reqs(blender_fol='', gui=True):
if blender_fol == '':
blender_fol = find_blender()
blender_parent_fol = get_parent_fol(blender_fol)
# Get pip
bin_template = op.join(get_parent_fol(blender_fol), 'Resources', '2.7?', 'python') if is_osx() else \
op.join(blender_fol, '2.7?', 'python')
blender_bin_folders = sorted(glob.glob(bin_template))
if len(blender_bin_folders) == 0:
print("Couldn't find Blender's bin folder! ({})".format(bin_template))
blender_bin_fol = ''
choose_folder = gui_input('Please choose the Blender bin folder where python file exists', gui) == 'Ok'
if choose_folder:
fol = choose_folder_gui(blender_parent_fol, 'Blender bin folder') if gui else input()
if fol != '':
blender_bin_fol = glob.glob(op.join(fol, '2.7?', 'python'))[-1]
if blender_bin_fol == '':
# todo: let the user select the folder if more than one
blender_bin_fol = blender_bin_folders[-1]
python_exe = 'python.exe' if is_windows() else 'python3.5m'
current_dir = os.getcwd()
pip_cmd = '{} {}'.format(op.join('bin', python_exe), op.join(GET_PIP_FOL, ''))
if not is_windows():
install_cmd = '{} install {}'.format(op.join('bin', 'pip'), REQS)
install_cmd = '{} install {}'.format(op.join('Scripts', 'pip'), REQS)
'Sorry, automatically installing external python libs in python will be implemented in the future.\n' +
'Meanwhile, you can do the following:\n' +
'1) Open a terminal window as administrator: ' +
'Right click on the "Command Prompt" shortcut from the star menu and choose "Run as administrator"\n' +
'2) Change the directory to "{}".\n'.format(blender_bin_fol) +
'3) Run "{}"\n'.format(pip_cmd) +
'4) Run "{}"\nGood luck!'.format(install_cmd))
def find_blender():
blender_fol = ''
if is_windows():
blender_win_fol = 'Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender'
if op.isdir(op.join('C:\\', blender_win_fol)):
blender_fol = op.join('C:\\', blender_win_fol)
elif op.isdir(op.join('D:\\', blender_win_fol)):
blender_fol = op.join('D:\\', blender_win_fol)
elif is_linux():
output = run_script("find ~/ -name 'blender' -type d")
if not isinstance(output, str):
output = output.decode(sys.getfilesystemencoding(), 'ignore')
blender_fols = output.split('\n')
blender_fols = [fol for fol in blender_fols if op.isfile(op.join(
get_parent_fol(fol), 'blender.svg')) or '' in fol]
if len(blender_fols) == 1:
blender_fol = get_parent_fol(blender_fols[0])
elif is_osx():
blender_fol = '/Applications/Blender/'
return blender_fol
def run_script(cmd, verbose=False):
import subprocess
import sys
if verbose:
print('running: {}'.format(cmd))
if is_windows():
output =
output = subprocess.check_output('{} | tee /dev/stderr'.format(cmd), shell=True)
print('Error in run_script!')
return ''
if isinstance(output, str):
output = output.decode(sys.getfilesystemencoding(), 'ignore')
return output
def get_parent_fol(curr_dir='', levels=1):
if curr_dir == '':
curr_dir = get_current_fol()
parent_fol = op.split(curr_dir)[0]
for _ in range(levels - 1):
parent_fol = get_parent_fol(parent_fol)
return parent_fol
def get_current_fol():
return op.dirname(op.realpath(__file__))
def choose_folder_gui(initialdir='', title=''):
import tkinter
from tkinter.filedialog import askdirectory
root = tkinter.Tk()
root.withdraw() # hide root
if initialdir != '':
fol = askdirectory(initialdir=initialdir, title=title)
fol = askdirectory(title=title)
if is_windows():
fol = fol.replace('/', '\\')
return fol
def gui_input(message, gui, style=1):
if gui:
ret = message_box(message, TITLE, style)
ret = input(message)
return ret
def message_box(text, title='', style=1):
import pymsgbox
buttons = {0: ['Ok'], 1: ['Ok', 'Cancel'], 2: ['Abort', 'No', 'Cancel'], 3: ['Yes', 'No', 'Cancel'],
4: ['Yes', 'No'], 5: ['Retry', 'No'], 6: ['Cancel', 'Try Again', 'Continue']}
return pymsgbox.confirm(text=text, title=title, buttons=buttons[style])
if __name__ == '__main__':
blender_fol = sys.argv[1] if len(sys.argv) > 1 else ''
is_gui = bool(sys.argv[2]) if len(sys.argv) > 2 else True
install_blender_reqs(blender_fol, is_gui)
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