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Problems with running the setup

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First, you can find help by running the setup with the -h flag:

python -m src.setup -h

Here are the optional flags:

  • -f: If you wish to run a specific step (or steps), you can use the -f flag with one of more of these options: install_reqs, create_links, copy_resources_files and install_addon. If you set more than one, use commas without space (-f install_reqs,create_links for example).
  • -d: If you set it to 1 (default), the setup will use the default folders locations (see Links section). If not, you'll be asked to set the folders locations.
  • -g: If 1 (default), and -d is 0, you'll be able to choose the locations of the folders using a GUI. If not, you'll be using the command prompt.This option won't work without installing first the external libraries (install_reqs step)


Under the mmvt_root folder, you can find the links folder. The setup will create all its folders under the mmvt_root folder (unless you set the -d flag to 0, and chose a different location) and set the links to those folders. Beside of creating the actual links, a links.csv file will be created, storing the links locations. When trying to find those folders, MMVT first tries to access the links. If a link is broken or doesn't exist MMVT will try to read it from the csv file. Worse case scenario, you can delete all the links (if exist), and just manually set the links.csv and re-run setup with the -f install_addon flag:

python -m src.setup -f install_addon

Problems with creating the link to Blender

One of the links is to Blender folder, where the Blender executable file is placed. In such a case, you can finish the set, set this link manually (or just edit the links.csv file) and re-run the setup just to install the MMVT addon inside Blender:

python -m src.setup -f install_addon

Problems with installing the external python libraries

That can happen usually because of a bad internet connection or a firewall. If you don't install the external libraries you'll be able only to open existing MMVT (blend) files. You also can't use the GUI of the setup to choose the folders locations. Don't set the -d flag to 0, run the setup, and after that, you can manually change the links or the links.csv.