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BlackBerry Services
Services Provided by the BlackBerry Platform
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The main services provided by the BlackBerry Platform; on the device and on the servers.

The separation below needs revising

Access to Device Features

  • [BlackBerry Platform Services][bps]

More go here...

Access to Platform Functionality

APIs used to interact with the server-side port of the BlackBerry Platform.

  • [BlackBerry Advertising Service]
  • [BlackBerry Analytics Service] -
  • [BlackBerry Payment Service] -
  • [BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administration][bws] - Administer a [BES] via SOAP
  • [BlackBerry Push Service] - Push Content to BlackBerry Devices

Also see the BlackBerry Java 7.1 main page for Platform Services which covers BBM, Analytics, Payment, Advertisement and Push.

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