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Framework to Build BlackBerry 10 Native Apps
cascades, native, blackberry10

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Framework to Build Fuild BlackBerry 10 Native Apps. Cascades leverages the Qt object model, event model, and threading model, using QtCore, QtXML, QtSql, QtNetwork and QtSensors. The UI framework it based on an scene graph model and can be programmed at the C++ or QML level. Cascades includes a rich set of core and advanced controls and is OpenGL-accelerated.

Cascades was previewed initially at [BlackBerry DevCon 2012 Europe][devcon2012_europe] and then presented in detail at [BlackBerry 10 Jam][bb10jam].

The key web page is the Cascades Micro-Site. The site has many useful areas, including:

The main forum for questions is the:

The main tool for authoring Cascades is:

The Cascades Builder is bundled in the QNX Momentics IDE.

Cascades Samples

Samples are critical to speeding up learning and using new technology. Whenever possible we release samples under an Open Source license to simplify their use in whatever contexts are most useful to the developer communities.

A list of the currently available samples is at [Cascades Samples].

Presentations and Other Media

Below are the key presentations from [BlackBerry 10 Jam][bb10jam]; presentations from the World Tour are on their way.

Also See

[Cascades Samples], [Qt], [QML]

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