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Content in this page is community-driven; read how to [Submit News](Submit_News.html).
+### Online Webinar for Cascades
+Next June 19th there will be an online webinar for Cascades. Check out [Details](
+and [register](
+Time is 11am ET - or [convert to your timezone](
+_Source_: [DevBlog](, on June 7, 2012
+### HTML5 test reports 447 for BB10 Browser
+[HTML5 test]( reports 447 for the BlackBerry 10 Browser.
+This beats all mobile **and** desktop browsers.
+_Source_: [Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart][pelegri], on June 7, 2012
### Update to WebWorks and Ripple
New versions of BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK and Ripple available from [download page](
Open Source repos are [Ripple-UI]( and

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