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acceptance tests

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This repository contains all of the Pelias API "acceptance" tests, which are automated tests used to identify improvements and regressions between various versions of the API and the underlying data. Since it's difficult/impossible to manually verify whether things have begun silently failing (eg, a certain query stopped returning the right results) after a data or search logic change, the acceptance tests should provide us with a shotgun overview of the status of any Pelias instance.


You will need to have npm version 2.0 or higher installed.


$ npm install

You'll want to add your api key to the config, and possibly change the endpoints. Both of those should be done using a json config file. It can look as follows. Be sure to replace the invalid key with your own API key, which you can sign up for here.

  "mapzen": {
    "api_key": {
      "": "search-XXXXXX"
  "acceptance-tests": {
    "endpoints": {
      "prod": ""

Once you've saved that config file somewhere, let's say /etc/config.json for example. You'll need to set the environment variable PELIAS_CONFIG to the path at which the file can be found. So do something like this, but with your path.

$ export PELIAS_CONFIG=/etc/config.json


default to running all tests against production

$ npm test

specify an environment manually

$ npm test -- -e bigdev

specify an environment and only run tests that work against dev (small dataset of just NYC and London)

$ npm test -- -e dev -t dev

dump results from failing tests into json files, one per failing test

$ npm test -- -e dev -o json

Test Case Files

For a full description of what can go in tests, see the pelias-fuzzy-tester documentation