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Pelias Sofware requirements

This is the list of all software requirements for Pelias. We highly recommend using our Docker images to avoid having to even attempt to correctly install all our dependencies yourself.


Most Pelias code is written in Node.js.

Version 8 or newer is required, version 10 is recommended for improved performance.

Pelias generally only adds support for even numbered LTS Node.js versions. However we gladly accept patches and bug reports regarding issues with any Node.js version that has not reached end-of-life.


Version 2.4 or 5.6

The core data storage for Pelias is Elasticsearch. We recommend the latest in the 2.4 release line.

Support for Elasticsearch 5 is new and should not yet be considered production-ready.

Elasticsearch 6 support will follow once Elasticsearch 5 has been the recommended version for some time.


Version 3.11 or newer

Some components of Pelias need a relational database, and Elasticsearch does not provide good relational support. We use SQLite in these cases since it's simple to manage and quite performant.


Pelias relies heavily on the Libpostal address parser. Libpostal requires about 4GB of disk space to download all the required data.

Windows Support

Pelias is not well tested on Windows, but we do wish to support it, and will accept patches to fix any issues with Windows support.