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This repository is part of the Pelias project. Pelias is an open-source, open-data geocoder built by Mapzen that also powers Mapzen Search. Our official user documentation is here.

Pelias Labels

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Module that generates labels for Pelias search and geocoding results


$ npm install pelias-labels


NPM Module

The pelias-labels npm module can be found here:


The Pelias Labels module is intended to be used a post-processing step that generates a rules-based label for Pelias search and geocoding results. There are generic label assembly rules for all but the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada, which have specific rules.


The first example is for an address in New York City.

  name: '30 West 26th Street',
  house_number: '30',
  street: 'West 26th Street',
  borough: 'Manhattan',
  locality: 'New York City',
  county: 'New York County',
  region: 'New York',
  region_a: 'NY',
  country: 'United States',
  country_a: 'USA'

The label uses the name, borough, locality, region, and country, resulting in: 30 West 26th Street, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA

This next example is for a city in a dependency of the United States.

  locality: 'San Juan',
  dependency: 'Puerto Rico',
  dependency_a: 'PR',
  country: 'United States',
  country_a: 'USA'

Addresses and places in dependencies don't normally include the country, resulting in: San Juan, PR

The final example is for a neighbourhood in Paris.

  neighbourhood: 'Grange aux Belles Terrage',
  locality: 'Paris',
  county: 'Paris-7E-Arrondissement',
  macrocounty: 'Paris-1Er-Arrondissement',
  region: 'Paris',
  macroregion: 'Île-De-France',
  country: 'France',
  country_a: 'FR'

Regions aren't normally included in France labels, so the label for this would be: Grange aux Belles Terrage, Paris, France


There are no configuration options at this time.


This module should be a starting point for contributing to Pelias for those with specific knowledge of how addresses and places are formatted in a specific country. labelSchemas.js exports a map keyed by ISO3 country code, so country-specific rules should be added there.