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Dockerfile for libpostal-service based on the Who's on First implementation
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This repository is part of the Pelias project. Pelias is an open-source, open-data geocoder originally sponsored by Mapzen. Our official user documentation is here.

Pelias Libpostal Service

This is a Dockerfile for creating an instance of the whosonfirst/go-whosonfirst-libpostal server for use by Pelias. There's no actual code here.

The libpostal_baseimage Dockerfile is used to provide Libpostal code and data from the openvenues/libpostal repository.

To use the libpostal-service outside of Docker, see the install instructions for the whosonfirst/go-whosonfirst-libpostal project.

Example usage

docker run -d -p 4400:4400 pelias/libpostal-service

# wait a few seconds for libpostal to come up

curl -s localhost:4400/parse?address=30+w+26th+st,+new+york,+ny | jq .
    "label": "house_number",
    "value": "30"
    "label": "road",
    "value": "w 26th st"
    "label": "city",
    "value": "new york"
    "label": "state",
    "value": "ny"
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