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README.md Update announcement Jan 30, 2018


On January 2nd, Mapzen announced it will be shutting down at the end of January 2018. As the maintainers of the Pelias project (and, until now, employees of Mapzen), we want to give an update on the Pelias project and Mapzen Search.

Pelias Open-Source Project

Obviously, there will be changes, but the Pelias project will not be shutting down or going away!

We will be continuing on as a community-run open source project for the immediate future. We're looking into sponsorship options to continue full-time work, and would appreciate if anyone who can help would reach out to us.

Furthermore, while the Pelias project previously had little identity outside of Mapzen, we are looking to change this. In the future, we want to adopt an open governance model that won't tie us to a single entity. Again, if you can help with this, we'd love to hear from you.

All our code on Github will remain. Our infrastructure like pelias.io, our NPM modules, and Docker images will also continue to work. There may be some brief downtime on pelias.io as we migrate things around, but it shouldn't last too long.

Another point of good news is that Who's on First, an essential data source for Pelias, will also continue on. Many of the URLs for that project will change, and we would love help tracking down anything that breaks as a result. Please submit an issue or pull request if you have the time.

Mapzen Search

Mapzen Search will be going away. While this doesn't affect Pelias directly, many Pelias users were also Mapzen Search customers.

The Mapzen migration guide has some suggestions for current users of Mapzen Search.

In particular, some of the team behind Pelias and Mapzen search have created a new company that will offer hosted geocoding using Pelias! It's called geocode.earth and is live and ready to take customers.

The Pelias team is also available for consulting work to help teams set up their own instance of Pelias. This not only provide an alternative to Mapzen Search that does not rely on an external hosted service, but also will help fund continued development of Pelias.

Contact info

As before, for general Pelias questions don't hesitate to reach out on Gitter.

For anyone looking with help migrating away from Mapzen Search, please reach out to our team directly via email: pelias.team@gmail.com

The Pelias team consists of Diana, Peter, Julian, and Stephen.