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What's this?

Pelisalacarta is a program that makes easy to watch movies and series on the net from your TV, using a remote controller instead of browsing websites. It is not a media player, but something like an "extension" or "plugin" to some of the most popular media center and video player programs

Most popular streaming websites are linked in pelisalacarta as if they were "channels", so you can browse easily within their sections using the front-end of your favorite media center and your remote. Also Pelisalacarta recognises most of the servers where the videos are hosted, making the experience of having all at hand very complete.

Take a look at how it works in this video.


There are different versions of pelisalacarta depending on the device it has been designed for. It works on XBMC / Kodi, Plex or Boxee. There is also an Android native version, an special edition for WiiMC on your Wii, and another one built with an HTML front-end.

Future planned devices include iOS, Enigma2, Roku and an improved support for Smart TV devices.

## Why i do this?

I do it because I like it.

I don't know if a lot of users will use it, but even if I am the only user i still do the work.

And I publish it because this never would be possible without XBMC, an incredible project totally open and free.

This way i return a fraction of what I have received.


My spanish blog about "Televisión a la carta"

Plugin home page


If you want to contact me you can do it using any of the links below, or directly using my e-mail