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OpenDb Releases

You can download the latest stable releases, Dev releases, CVS tarballs and old releases.

Go to Releases page.

OpenDb Portable

Want to run OpenDb without having to install Apache, PHP, Mysql? Why not give OpenDb Portable a try. You can even run OpenDb Portable from your USB key.

Go to OpenDb Portable page.

OpenDb Themes

User contributed themes are available for old and current releases. Why not contribute your own.

Go to Themes page.

OpenDb Language Packs

User contributed and supported language packs are available for a variety of language packs. Some of them are out of date. Please contact the original author of the packs for updates.

Go to Language Packs page.

OpenDb Contributed Item Types

Users of OpenDb contribute their own item type definitions. Some of these have been validated by the developers of opendb, but you should still be careful about executing the SQL definition (Use the preview link first to make sure there are no DELETE FROM ITEM, etc) statements.

Go to Item Types page.

OpenDb Site Plugins

One of the more powerful features of OpenDb are the site plugins. Users of OpenDb have contributed their own addon plugins and you can too.

Got to Site Plugins page.

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