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OpenDb Portable 1.0.6 is available.

OpenDb Portable is for windows users only and assumes a default browser is already installed. In almost 100% of cases this will be true, even if its a crappy browser like IE6. Remember OpenDb is designed to run on something nicer like Firefox!

The instructions for using OpenDb Portable are as follows:

  1. Unzip the distribution zip file to a local directory or your USB Drive PortableApps folder. It will be extracted to a 'OpenDbPortable' sub directory.
  2. Double click the start.bat. The start batch file will first check that no processes are listening on ports 80 (Apache) or 3306 (Mysql). If any processes are listening OpenDb Portable will not start.
  3. If OpenDb Portable starts (you will see a WOS splash screen and then the WOS control window), it will also load OpenDb Portable using the default brower. You can then login using the 'admin' user account (default password is 'admin').
NOTE: In some cases you may initially get a browser error, this is because sometimes the Apache server has not completely started before WOS opens the browser window. The easiest solution is to wait a few seconds and click the browser reload button a couple of times (optionally holding down SHIFT to force a reload)

OpenDb Portable is built on WOS Portable 2.0.1.

Updating OpenDb Portable

You don't have to download a new OpenDb Portable edition to upgrade to the latest 1.0 release. Simply download the latest 1.0 release and extract it over the top of your OpenDb Portable www/opendb/ directory.

Then run the http://localhost/opendb/install.php to update the database release number.

NOTE: Upgrading OpenDb Portable 0.81 release in this way is not supported.

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