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Database Session Handler


Opendb provides functionality to store PHP session information in the database.

Configuration & Setup

To enable database session management, make sure that the include/local.config.php variable

           $CONFIG_VARS['session_handler.enable'] = TRUE;

The php_session table is installed as part of the installation or upgrade, so the only setting you need to modify is the above session_handler.enable.


  • When you install the new session_handler, all active sessions stored against the default PHP session handler will be lost.
  • When you set the $CONFIG_VARS['session_handler.enable'] = TRUE all login access to OpenDb will be disabled until the session_handler.table table is created.
  • Earlier versions of PHP did not provide access to the 'session.save_handler', via ini_set("session.save_handler", "user"). In this case, either you will have to set the 'session.save_handler' to 'user' in the php.ini file directly, or you will have to continue to use file based session management.
  • A OpenDb log entry will be made if the 'user' handler cannot be used, because the ini_set("session.save_handler", "user") command failed. In this case to avoid the log, you should probably set $CONFIG_VARS['session_handler.enable'] = FALSE, or modify php.ini directly.
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