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A theme consists of a theme.php (which provides the general layout) and one or more CSS and image files which customize the look and feel of the OpenDb interface.

Theme Opendb Version Author Description Download
Screenshot Gems 1.0+
SirJohn "Just Colours" Theme. Actually 5 themes, each replacing the default light-blue colour with a complementary scheme. Colours included in the package are: Yellow, Green, Red and Purple (or: Amber, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst - if you talk gems). File size sums up to 416KB
Shadlowland 1.5+ Shawn Dunn Dark theme inspired by my Obsidian theme. See this theme in action at Check out the forum topic on the development of this theme
BlackIce 1.5+ Jack-Frost
Joomlike 1.5+ Daniel Wong Inspired by Joomla administration and using Shadowland's menus. This theme adds a navigation bar with direct links that I found useful:
  • a check out icon if you have items to check out
  • four direct searches that list all DVDs, CDs, Books and Comics if the item type is installed in your site.
Any comment? Just‎
BlueSteel, Colourful, Tango 1.0 Jack-Frost


Themes need to be extracted into the $OPENDB_HOME directory, because they include the complete 'theme/$_OPENDB_THEME/' directory path.

After a theme is installed, it can be activated with the 'Edit My Info' dialog in the sidebar. Alternatively you can make your theme the default theme for the entire site (so that it even shows for login page, etc), via the Configuration System admin tool.

Create a new Theme?

Go to Themes Howto page.

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