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The themes listed here are not compatible with the latest 1.0 beta release of opendb.

Theme Installation Instructions

Themes need to be extracted into the OPENDB_HOME root directory, because they include the complete 'theme/$_OPENDB_THEME/' directory path. Then you can go ahead and change the $CONFIG_VARS['site.theme'] in include/config.php to the new one, or users can change their own theme in 'Edit My Info' page.

Theme Creation Documentation

  Theme Opendb Version Author Description Download
<gallery> Image:naturals.gif</gallery> Naturals 0.81 0.81 High contrast, aesthetic theme based on natural earth tones, and built for maximized compatibility across browsers.
<gallery> Image:atom.png </gallery> Atom 0.81 0.81 Atom is based on the horizontal theme. Uses a fixed background to give the illusion of transparency.
<gallery> Image:Obsidian.png </gallery> Obsidian 0.81 0.81 Obsidian...
<gallery> Image:fuse.jpg </gallery> Fuse 0.81 0.81 Based on the Orange Cream theme.
<gallery> Image:Blues.jpg </gallery> Blues 0.81 0.81 Based on the Orange Cream theme.
<gallery> Image:Default2.gif </gallery> Default2 0.81 0.81 Modified default theme for less different and smaller fonts and better color contrasts.
<gallery> Image:menu.gif </gallery> Menu 0.81 0.81 Default theme with a DHTML menu. Pretty simplistic update, but it does illustrate theme possibilities. Uses the Pear:HTML_TreeMenu v1.1.4library
<gallery> Image:orangecream.gif</gallery> OrangeCream 0.81 0.81 Based on the Default2 theme. Then added image based right hand menu. Images for menu are based on theme for Trillian, called "Sapphire 2".
<gallery> Image:Simpsons.jpg </gallery> Simpsons 0.81 0.81 Simpsons theme