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Administrator Email

If you are testing the Sign Up functionality and the New Account emails are going astray, its quite possible they are being sent to <opendb></opendb>, which is the default administrator email account configured when the software is installed.

Some of the actions that make use of the admin email account include:

  • User Signup
  • Send Email to site admin
You should reconfigure the 'admin' user email address.


The generation of thumbnails in Opendb 0.81 and 1.0 may not work properly if you have not installed opendb below the DocumentRoot of your apache installation. This is due to an unresolved issue with the phpThumb software.

On a *nix you can do something as simple as create a soft link to overcome this issue. For instance on a linux development machine with a opendb eclipse workspace in a home directory such as /home/jpell/workspace/opendb, but with a document root of /var/www/ all that was required to allow thumbnails to work was to create a soft link like so:

 ln -s /home/jpell/workspace /var/www/workspace

In this way the workspace directory is accessible from the url

HTTP Security Issue

A potential issue with the url.php redirect functionality will sometimes be encountered if the mod_security module to apache has been enabled, please refer to the following vbulletin forum post for more information, including how to turn it off!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I specify a MySQL table prefix for OpenDB?

This must be performed in the Installer when you first install OpenDb. There is no provision to enable table prefixing after this. If you have an existing installation the easiest method is to delete any ./include/local.config.php file and rerun the install.php. Reenter all of your database details including the Table Prefix. The installer will validate that your prefix is valid and save a new configuration file.

What is the 'include/local.config.php' for?

The local.config.php is generated by the Installer process, and provides the database server configuration details. The rest of the configuration is provided for by configuration tables in database itself.

How can I find Orphaned Items without Instance?

Query if any Item records exist without matching Item_Instance

Since MYSQL does not support MINUS, we must resort to something a bit more messy.

 FROM item i
 LEFT JOIN item_instance ii ON = ii.item_id
 WHERE ii.item_id IS NULL
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