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  • Fixed a fairly complex issue with autoregistration and directed identity (as in Google and Yahoo OpenID).

  • Added support for OpenID/OAuth Hybrid model extension:

    Note this currently requires patched versions of the ruby-openid gem and the open_id_authentication plugin:

    gem install pelle-ruby-openid # gem install pelle-open_id_authentication #

    The rails open_id_authentication is normally installed in vendor/plugin, update that or add the above as a gem plugin.

    Adding this requires you to switch it on in your acts_as_authentic configuration block:

    acts_as_authentic do |c|
      c.openid_oauth = true

    Then it needs to know which when to send an OAuth Consumer key along. Override openid_oauth_consumer in your User model:

    def openid_oauth_consumer
      if openid_identifier=~/^https?:\/\/www\.google\./
        return {:consumer=>'',:scope=>''}
      elsif openid_identifier=~/
        return {:consumer=>"YOUR YAHOO CONSUMER"}

    You will receive a request_token that you need to exchange for an OAuth AccessToken:

    def exchange_oauth_tokens
      return unless @request_token
      if openid_identifier=~/^https?:\/\/www\.google\./
  • Added an openid_options configuration item for acts_as_authentic to pass arbitrary values along to the open_id_authentication plugin.

1.0.5 released 2009-6-18

  • Added support for autoregistration

1.0.4 released 2009-5-14

  • Only authenticate with OpenID for models when a block is passed.

  • Check for the existence of an openid_identifier field before including the model. Allowing this library to only be activated when present.

  • Change required_field and optional_fields to openid_required_field and openid_optional_fields

1.0.3 released 2009-4-3

  • Added find_by_openid_identifier config option for AuthlogicOpenid::Session.

  • Set the openid_identifier by the one passed back by the provider in AuthlogicOpenid::ActsAsAuthentic.

  • Added required_fields and optional_fields config options for AuthlogicOpenid::ActsAsAuthentic.

  • Added map_openid_registration, attributes_to_save, and map_saved_attributes methods to customize how attributes are set for AuthlogicOpenid::ActsAsAuthentic.

  • Make authenticating_with_openid? method a little more stringent to avoid trying to double authenticate. Ex: finding a session in the save block during a successful save.

1.0.2 released 2009-3-30

  • Remove config block in initializer.

1.0.1 released 2009-3-30

  • Change password validation option when included, and prepend the OpenID module.

1.0.0 released 2009-3-30

  • Initial release

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