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Commits on Mar 12, 2009
@mislav mislav decouple Listener from Inspector by performing its own checks if the …
…path is valid

Runner passes the list of valid extensions (Inspector::EXTENSIONS) to Listener

remove Inspector.file_is_invalid? method
@mislav mislav cleanup checking if the files have changed since last run 5881e24
@mislav mislav refactor setting up FSEvent in Listener so it doesn't happen on initi…

Runner calls `run` on instantiated Listener
@mislav mislav changed callback doesn't yield if no files changed cb2e348
@mislav mislav Listener doesn't assume that it needs to listen the current directory…
…; instead it's specified by Runner
@mislav mislav rewrite Inspector and Runner and make clever file-to-spec mappings fo…
…r Rails
Commits on Mar 16, 2009
@mislav mislav Inspector#determine_spec_files returns an array of specs to run inste…
…ad of just single one

This allows a change to "config/routes.rb" to trigger running specs for controllers, helpers, *and* views
Commits on Mar 17, 2009
@mislav mislav don't run specs twice for a file under a shallow "lib/" directory 9c0ab8d
@mislav mislav specs for Runner 959d526
@mislav mislav adjust command-line options in runner so that "progress" formatter is…
… only added unless user has specified others
@mislav mislav cleanup bin/rspactor and ensure that lib/rspactor.rb doesn't start RS…
…pactor when loaded
@mislav mislav refactor `run_spec_command` to remove the double occurence of RSpacto…

improve detection of already specified spec output formats
@mislav mislav make RSpactor load the '.rspactor' dotfile if it exists in $HOME dir 4170dad
@mislav mislav remove old rspactor.gemspec e7c56fa
@mislav mislav generate gemspec with Jeweler 16f6944
@mislav mislav rspactor v0.3.0 (significant rewrite since v0.2.x) a096105
@mislav mislav hack Jeweler to include the "images/" directory in the gemspec 8553aac
@mislav mislav Version bump to 0.3.1 0f4a5af
@mislav mislav cleanup gem file list pattern and legacy file d3cbbbd
@mislav mislav cleanup RSpactorFormatter by inheriting from Spec::Runner::Formatter:…
@mislav mislav reorganize project structure under "lib/" directory. put everything i…
…n RSpactor module
@mislav mislav add ::Runner in global namespace for backward compatibility 2da720f
@mislav mislav better growler with nicer graphics 90fb632
@mislav mislav Version bump to 0.3.2 07e25d8
Commits on Mar 18, 2009
@mislav mislav rescue potential exceptions loaded from .rspactor dotfile 2353daf
@mislav mislav RSpactor::Runner class is now instantiated when running rspactor 9029b23
@mislav mislav refactor and spec out Runner#spec_changed_files (which is a callback …
…for Listener)
@mislav mislav remember if the last spec run failed a91d75e
Commits on Mar 19, 2009
@mislav mislav run the full suite after a run succeded when the previous one failed 136652e
Commits on Mar 27, 2009
@mislav mislav Runner.start method accepts an options hash 32a0541
@mislav mislav retry running previously failed specs is now triggered by options[:re…
…try_failed] (false by default)
@mislav mislav "rspactor --coral" flag pushes loading of Coral when invoking spec ru…
@mislav mislav run "user_spec" alongside "user_observer_spec" when "user_observer.rb…
…" changes
@mislav mislav skip spec files that are under directories already present on the list
example: ["spec/models/user_spec.rb", "spec/models"] get consolidated
to just ["spec/models"]
@mislav mislav don't run specs if files have changed when user is switching branches…
… in git
@mislav mislav stop using Jeweler; generate gemspec manually f4557dc
@mislav mislav release v0.3.3 44ac8cd
Commits on Apr 18, 2009
@mislav mislav extract growler to RSpactor::Growl 734c029
@mislav mislav first stab of a system-wide rspactor "watcher"
To indicate that a project should be watched, put a ".rspactor" file
in the root of the project. Optionally this file can contain mappings:

  map %r{^lib/\w+/(\w+)\.rb$} do |file, match|
Commits on Apr 21, 2009
rubyphunk You can now provide an optional path in which rspactor will run/liste…
…n specs.

usage: rspactor /my/path/with/specs
Commits on Apr 23, 2009
@mislav mislav avoid warning about unmatched file twice when using implicit mappings 78895d1
@eostrom eostrom Fix gem building by updating gemspec 6a3cd16
Commits on May 15, 2009
@mislav mislav relativize changed filenames in rspactor-system when using implicit I…
…nspector mappings
@mislav mislav rescue potential file read errors when stat-ing a file 34aee53
Commits on Jul 04, 2009
@mislav mislav Revert "You can now provide an optional path in which rspactor will r…
…un/listen specs."

Absolute file paths are causing too much trouble right now. This feature will come back
after file lists are handled better internally.

This reverts commit cb731c3.
@mislav mislav now accepts a hash of options
Options are:
  :extensions -- only watch changed files with these extensions
  :relative_paths -- yield changed paths relative to watched directory
Commits on Aug 12, 2009
@mislav mislav cache the absolute images path for growl messages 2d0333f
Commits on Jan 30, 2010
@mislav mislav rename Listener#run to #start e440685
Commits on Jul 21, 2010
@mislav mislav don't enter the run loop immediately in Listener#start
Calling #start now won't enter the run loop without calling
@mislav mislav add `force_changed` accessor and ":latency" option
Adding absolute filenames to `force_changed` array will tell
Listener to treat them as changed unconditionally.
@mislav mislav v0.4.0 -- switch to manual gemspec b5a272d
Commits on Jul 25, 2010
Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil add fsevent_watch binary that compiles on OS X a42568f
Commits on Oct 10, 2010
@mislav mislav improve extconf so it compiles when called from the project root dir 5b09b5b
@mislav mislav improve fsevent_watch binary
 - split paths with \0 instead of space
 - exit early if no arguments given
 - watch all directories given on the command-line
@mislav mislav refactor Listener to use "fsevent_watch" binary 8767405
@mislav mislav refactor Growl notify with better naming and symbol icon identifiers 522b6f0
@mislav mislav first stab at inotify listener 23d87ba
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