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updated docs for prefix configuration setting that I added the other day

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@@ -63,6 +63,28 @@ This will output a file like <tt>/media/c/screen.r1213947531.css</tt>, which wil
</tt>COMPRESS_*_FILTERS</tt> can be set to an empty tuple or None to not use any filters. The files will however still be concatenated to one file.
+h4. Prefix - An Alternative to MEDIA_URL
+In cases where you want to deploy your compiled script and styles to somewhere other than your MEDIA_URL, say a Content Delivery
+Network, you can use the optional _prefix_ parameter:
+ 'group_one': {
+ 'source_filenames': ('css/style.css', 'css/foo.css', 'css/bar.css'),
+ 'output_filename': 'css/one_compressed.css',
+ 'extra_context': {
+ 'media': 'screen,projection',
+ 'prefix': ''
+ },
+ },
+ # other CSS groups goes here
+ }
+In this example, the template tags will render _ in the link tag. You will need to manually put there after you build as part of your deployment process.
h4. External urls
While django-compress does a great job of minimizing the amount of http requests on your site (hence increasing performence) there are sometimes cases

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