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-django-compress was originally created by Andreas Pelme <> in 2008.
+django-compress was originally created by Andreas Pelme <> in
These people have provided bug fixes, new features, improved the documentation or just made django-compress more awesome.
* Sander Smits <>
* Andreas C <andriijas>
* Alexander Artemenko <svetlyak40wt>
+The Python-version of jsmin (
+is included in django-compress. It was translated from to Python by Baruch
+Evan, from the original jsmin implementation by Douglas Crockford.
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-All documentation is currently only available at the Google Code wiki:
+django-compress provides an automated system for compressing CSS and
+JavaScript files. By default, it only outputs compressed files while not in
+DEBUG-mode. That means you can still debug and edit your source files while
+coding, and when going to production, the compressed files will be
+automatically generated.
+Support for jsmin and CSSTidy is included and enabled by default (but can
+easily be disabled). Support for YUI Compressor is also supported out of the
+django-compress includes template tags for outputting the URLs to the
+CSS/JavaScript?-files and some other goodies to improve the performance of
+serving static media.
+django-compress is available at github[1] and Google Code[2]. You can always
+access the latest and greatest code from both git and Subversion.
+The documentation is available online at Github[3], or under docs/ in the

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