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Composer Auto Language Updates

This package will automatically update translations for WordPress core, themes & plugins when you install or update them via composer.*

This is a fork by the unmaintained package by Angry Creative.

* This only works if the translations are available via the WordPress API.

Installation instructions

1. Require the package.

Run composer require pelmered/composer-plugin-language-update.

2. Define the languages used on your site and the path to your wp-content directory.

This can be done by adding the following parameters to the extras object in your sites' main composer.json file.

"extra": {
  "wordpress-languages": [ "en_GB", "sv_SE", "da_DK" ],
  "wordpress-content-dir": "public/wp-content"

(We need to add a list of locales manually as this operation cannot rely on having a connection to the database available).

3. Add the required composer install hooks.

Add the following lines to the scripts section of your composer.json.

"scripts": {
  "post-install-cmd": "@wp-language-update",
  "post-update-cmd": "@wp-language-update",
  "wp-language-update": [
  "post-package-uninstall": "AngryCreative\\WPLanguageUpdater\\PostUpdateLanguageUpdate::delete_t10ns"

That's it. Next time you run a composer update|install the translations for the relevant packages will be installed automatically.


If you're testing, this package must be installed as a part of WordPress installation. You should ideally remove the entire wp-content/languages directory, so as to make sure the package behaves as expected.

Obviously you should probably do this on seperate branch, so you don't remove t10ns accidentaly when you run the tests.

cd into the packagage directory and run composer test.

You may need to run the tests as root to avoid permissions errors when creating the directories.


I can haz missing translation plz?

This only works if the t10ns are found on the WordPress API, eg.

I can haz missing feature plz?

Sure thing! This is GitHub so just make us a pull request and we'll work together on making that happen.


Automatically update the language files for core, plugins and themes after running install|update in composer.






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