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Aleksander Piotrowski authored

This is protocol plugin for Pidgin.

There used to be an official website at but now it is here, on github.

What is supported:

  • IMs
  • Adding/removing users from roster (user list stored on server)
  • Setting/changing status
  • Typing notifications
  • New email notifications
  • Multiuser chat + conferencing
  • Public directory (setting info about yourselves, searching for buddies)
  • Whiteboard sessions (this is not a part of the original protocol, works between pidgin clients only)
  • avatars (just for buddies; user avatar is not supported yet)

Installation instructions for Windows users (TODO: test, fix, doesn't it work?)

  • copy libtlen.dll to c:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins directory
  • for each tlen_XX.png file copy it to relevant directory: c:\Program Files\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\protocols\XX\tlen.png

My kudos to

  • Krzysztof Godlewski <> -- chats, whiteboard, fixes
  • Adam Mazur <> -- resurecting project after years of inactivity ;-)

Copyright 2005-2012 Aleksander Piotrowski

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